Why Take Cognitive Supplements

Various factors such as poor nutrition, aging, stress, medication or environmental conditions can inhibit proper brain function leaving you less sharp and focused. Cognitive impairment can range from mild to severe. Individuals of all ages require proper mental acuity for today’s “information overload” lifestyles: students for late night studying, adults to balance busy home and work schedules, and seniors as they age.

Based on a recent study, from Marketing Institutes when individuals were asked what is important to them, mental and brain health were ranked #2, just below the concern of having enough money to retire! Maintaining an active mind is critical for cognitive health. Along with “exercising” the brain with reading and puzzles; taking nutritional supplements is an essential natural solution.  It’s often the first step to avoid prescription medication.

Cognitive health is a combination of mental processes including the ability to learn new things, memory, judgement and language. Science has shown, as the brain ages it’s important to help protect it against oxidative damage. Health professionals are gaining a better understanding of cognitive decline risk factors. Not only is it a health issue, but also a social and economic problem. As Americans live longer, if cognitive decline can be reduced, it may improve an individual’s lifestyle, especially those living independently.